All About Ponds

Groundmasters is a distributor of pool-related products for the following companies. Please feel free to visit these sites and review their product offerings. All orders should be placed with Groundmasters.

UV sterilizers

Aqua Ultraviolet (

Life depends on water, and now more than ever, business does too. For over three decades Aqua Ultraviolet has been the premier manufacturer of ultraviolet sterilizers and bio-mechanical filtration. Our factories are located in Temecula, California where all of our products are created, tested and manufactured. Our centralized manufacturing facility allows us to engineer and customize designs for our customers to fit any application.

Koi food, Bacteria Additives for all seasons

MICROBE-LIFT/Ecological Laboratories (

Ecological Laboratories is an international biotechnology company specializing in the development and production of microbial products for the natural treatment of environmental issues associated with the various uses of water and recycling of organic matter.

Predator deterrent for heron and other animals

Contech (

Protect gardens and yards from common animal intruders. The original ScareCrow motion-activated animal deterrent uses a startling but harmless burst of water to deter pests. The sudden noise, movement and spray scare animals away.

Koi medications, medicated koi food, medicated water treatments

Koi Care Kennel (

Koi Care Kennel Inc. was founded in 1998. One of our founding principals was to distribute only the best quality pond products. In order to accomplish that goal we have tested EVERY product we offer for sale in our own koi pond.

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